A One Minute guide to MVRs.

What is an MVR?

An MVR is short for Motor Vehicle Records or Motor Vehicle Report.  An MVR is a report of person’s driving history, as reported by a state Department of Motor Vehicles.  Information included in a typical MVR report can include driver’s license information, point history, violations, convictions, and license status on your driving record. Some states include additional information, such as Name, Date of Birth, Height, and Weight.

Why Run an MVR?

If you have an employee or applicant  who will be driving a company issued vehicle and/or will be on your company’s insurance policy, you want — and, need —  to know if they are a safe and responsible driver. A review of an applicant’s driving records will show whether they have been involved in risky behavior like excessive speed, or illegal acts, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  It will also let you see any restrictions on an applicant’s license. If you are working in a Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated industry, you are required to review the MVRs of your drivers every 12 months.

How quickly can I get an MVR?

In most cases, turnaround time for MVRs is nearly instantaneous.  However, since this is regulated by the State in the US, or Province in Canada, each jurisdiction’s rules and regulations have a great impact on this.

What to learn more about MVRs?

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