Providing accurate and timely DMV records.

We know the transportation business presents many challenges. Finding and keeping qualified drivers is among them. We can help with pre-employment background screening, DMV records and, DOT required drug screenings.

Keeping your business moving.

We can handle your DOT drug screening needs including Pre-Employment, Post Accident and Random Testing.

Helping keep your drivers DOT compliant.

With our access to nationwide networks of testing labs we can help keep your drivers and trucks on the road by making the drug testing as convenient as possible.

DMV Records

Transportation Companies regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) are required to request MVR reports annually on their drivers.  The MVR records must be maintained for three years.

Drug Testing

The DOT requires a drug screen prior to employment, randomly at least once a year, as well as after most accidents.  We have the resources to help you establish a DOT complaint drug screening program.  We work with all sizes of companies so you don’t need a fleet of 50 trucks before you contact us.

Pre-Employment Background

We have the tools and resources to complete a thorough FCRA compliant background check on prospective employees.

Driver Qualification File services

We have automated resources to help you maintain a complete file on each of your drivers.