Helping organizations do good things with good people.

At AmeriWide, we know the importance of a comprehensive background screening program for volunteer based non-profits. Ask about our AmeriCares program.  Where we make quarterly donations to your charity based on volume of screening done on your behalf.

Those most in need are the most vulnerable to abuse.

Protect those you are serving by implementing a comprehensive background screening program.

Scandals have rocked volunteer based non-profits.

Your organization’s reputation and financial standing are at risk with even one bad actor.  We have the expertise to help you develop and implement a comprehensive background screening program for volunteers and paid staff.  

Let us help protect your organization and those you serve.

At AmeriWide, you have access to our “AmeriCares” program. We make a quarterly donation to your non-profit based on the volume of background screening done on your behalf.


Our cloud based platform makes  screening volunteers simple and straightforward.  Here’s how:

  • We will work with you and setup predefined screening options just for your needs.
  • You can use your own customized online portal to order and review the status of your screenings 24/7.
  • We can also configure applicant self-serve options to minimize data entry and speed up the process.
  • There is also a volunteer self-funding option that can save your organization valuable dollars.


AmeriWide covers every jurisdiction in the United States and its territories, including all criminal and civil courts.

Ease of doing business

  • Affordable Services Delivered Fast
  • No Sign-up Fees or Monthly Minimums
  • Easy Ordering through our Web based portal
  • U.S. Based Researchers and Support
  • 100% FCRA Compliant