Bigger is not Always Better.

Sure there are lots of bigger firms that do background screening; however, that doesn’t make them better.  They’re just bigger.  We provide superior, personalized customer service and save you time, money, and effort.  All of our services, including customer support, are U.S. based.  We are a phone call away!  Our Clients are names, not just numbers!  The bottom line is we are less expensive than the big guys and we provide better service than they do.  Period.

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There are many background screening firms. What sets us apart?

Customer Service is job #1.

We want our clients to understand what we are doing on their behalf. Our goal is to provide the best customer service in the business.  We appreciate our clients and work diligently to earn and keep your trust.

We focus on compliance.

Access to and use of Personally Identifiable Data is highly regulated on the Federal, State and increasingly the Municipal level.  As a licensed background screening company, we can help you stay compliant with regulations such  as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code or San Francisco’s Fair Chance Ordinance.


Our advanced cloud based technology platform allows us to deliver 24/7 access to you for all your screening requests with efficient, convenient self-service options.  We can customize the ordering process to fit your needs.  To learn more about our technology platform click here.

We don’t offshore our services.

Many background check companies are more than willing to send personal information overseas where lax data regulations reign. AmeriWide does not. Every single service that can be performed in the U.S. is performed in the U.S., from verifications and background checks to customer service. It’s that simple.  The only services that are performed overseas are background checks on applicants who’ve resided overseas.

We understand the need for speed.

In today’s job market we know there are time pressures in the hiring process.  Talented candidates don’t last long.  You don’t have the luxury of waiting a week for a background check.  Our average turnaround time on a typical background check is 24 – 36 hours.

Cost Effective.

We believe quality background screening services don’t have to be expensive but do need to be trusted and accurate. As a result, our pricing is some of the best in the marketplace.